Mistral Medical has put in place protocols to allow for opening at the soonest possible dates

Part of this includes medical screenings, testing and staff education to protect the staff and guests with a focus on maintaining the guest experience at all times

Guests and the Guest experience

Central to our planning is the maintenance of the guest experience that your lodge has gone to great lengths to provide. Our experience in the hospitality sector allows us a unique opportunity to educate staff and maintain guest experiences.

In addition, our goal is to provide your clients with the peace of mind that measures are in place to to maintain a disease-free lodge

Our team will help you put protocols in place to allow for the management and identification of situations should a guest fall ill or arrive at the property exhibiting worrying signs and symptoms

Confidentiality, care, diligence and expedience of interventions to limit damage to the business, will be our highest priorities in these situations.

Staff Wellness

After the re-opening of your property, staff will have a limited ability to travel offsite, and access to local healthcare providers

On a non-binding basis Mistral Medical will provide staff access to our full spectrum of point of care rapid diagnostic and screening testing for acute and chronic illnesses, as well well as mental health care and prophylactic health measures where indicated

Continued support post-opening

Mistral Medical provides our clients with 24/7 - 365 access to both onsite and offsite healthcare professionals to help your teams deal with healthcare related problems which may arise after the re-opening of your properties, helping to alleviate the burden on Management and ownership and thereby mitigating your risk

Continued access to our full plethora of rapid point of care diagnostic testing and screening, keeping your staff operating at optimal capacity not just after opening but well into the future.

Happy, healthy staff means happy, healthy guests.