Rebecca had been complaining of abdominal distension for 5 years, seen multiple doctors over those 5 years without a diagnosis. Within 15 minutes a diagnosis had been made (malignant transformation of uterine fibroids), and within 8 weeks had been surgically treated and was able to return to work. 

Thabo, a healthy 30 year gentleman, with no complaints was diagnosed with life threatening diabetes, he was transferred, treated and back at work within 3 days, and is now well controlled.

Kgomotso, who was morbidly obese with elevated blood pressures and glucose, has lost 25kgs since November 2018 after dietary intervention and education.

Thembi came for a routine antenatal check up with our team. She was diagnosed with imminent eclampsia, threatening both the mother and unborn child. Mrs LS was swiftly transferred, both mother and baby are happy and healthy. 

Tebogo was diagnosed with a hypertensive emergency (life threatening condition), he was transferred for inpatient management at a local hospital, and is now on well controlled anti hypertensives.

Susan was diagnosed, transferred and treated for a vision threatening premalignant condition of her eye, she was operated on, and back at work the following week

A guest’s young daughter was miss diagnosed with abdominal pain by a local GP. Our team diagnosed and treated her for acute bacterial tonsillitis and a urinary tract infection at MSL. She improved enough to go on drive the following day.

A couple were treated for ‘honeymoon cystitis’ during their stay at Lion Sands which was threatening an early return back home due to their concerns about water quality. The couple were treated and able to continue their honeymoon at LSSS with our team.

*Patients’ names are changed to protect confidentiality